Sunday, 1 April 2007

My First Rugby Match...

Today I did a nice harbour cruise - enjoying the familiar yet always impressive sights of the harbour bridge, opera house and Sidney city skyline! There's something about sitting on the roof of ferry, sun shining on your head, cold Diet Coke in hand, watching one of the most amazing city-scapes pass you by, knowing that you don't have to get up for work tomorrow or any other day! I have several sets of the same photos from previous trips, but it never gets old and this time is particularly sweet!

Today I also went to my first ever Rugby Match! (complete with cheerleaders... bitchy Marisa thought they were out of sync and not very good, but kind-mellowed-by-travelling Marisa thought it was fun despite it all and took pictures to send to Roger to cheer him up!).

We sat in the free seating area, but somehow managed to be surrounded by Manly Sea Eagles supporters (we were supporting the Sydney Roosters). Two guys were being particularly verbal against the Swans and the more invectives and crass they got - the louder I cheered the Roosters! Besides, their mascotte was cewl! Gillian and Kelly, two British girls who were with me, gave me odd looks every time I shouted and screamed my support! Unfortunately, Sydney lost, but not due to lack of support from me - I ended up nearly losing my voice too :)

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