Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Scientology tried to assimilate me!

Another first in the life of Marisa! Can you tell how boring Perth really is...
I had a truly frustrating day trying to deal with HSBC today. The Fraud Prevention Department - or as I like to call it: The Incompetency Propagation Department - were supposed to have sent me a replacement card and have now lost it, no one knows where it is. This WAS the highlight of my day until...

Walking back from dinner, a kindly gentleman asked us if we would participate in a questionnaire. Being in Perth, it was the most exciting thing likely to happen this evening so we acquiesced!

I saw the logo on his jacket and thought I'd have a little fun, so I said I was worried about my health, looking for happiness, and wanted a purpose in life! Lo-and-behold, we were asked to step inside to do a free stress test. Since Kelly was already happily skipping inside I followed to protect and create havoc!

(Un)fortunately, having taken advanced statistical analysis at uni and created questionnaires myself based on specific dimensions - with questions repeated over and over in slightly different wording to test the same dimension - I saw right through the 200 question multiple choice test. It was interminably long and I kept asking the Watcher "this is a repeat of an earlier question". The result is shown on the left!
I faked the "stress test" which just seemed to respond to pressure of my hands on the tuby things I was holding and then had an "interview" with the head honcho to discuss my failures in relating to others around me! I kindly declined the opportunity to buy the L. Ron Hubbard book stating "I don't like to take advice" and also had to sadly refuse the 6 month free membership since I "don't do clubs".

Hey - it was a good fun 30 minutes watching someone trying to figure me out and attempt to find any weak spots... besides, beats doing laundry at the hostel any day. :) I think the Big Boss gave up out of sheer frustration with my facetious attitude. I don't blame him... I'd be getting tired too if I were him!

Marisa 1 vs Scientology 0.


Rick D. said...

Glad to see you put in that late second half goal to send those Scientologists back to whatever planet they come from with a big 'L'.

Anonymous said...

Hey, next time tell them you are already doing kaballah :-)
Enjoying your blog everyday,it a bright change to the stress at work :-)
Thanks for the postcard, we got it yesterady. It's so cool that you remember us!