Saturday, 3 March 2007

Where oh where did my poor arms go???

Yesterday I took the ferry early in the morning from Wellington to Picton (South Island). I wish I could say the journey was beautiful, but it was cold, rainy and I decided to see a movie in the cinnema on board instead of holding out for a possible dolphin sighting. Wise choice as it turns out. Saw Blood Diamond - excellent movie. I actually hate Leo a little less now!

I emerged from the darkness to a beautiful sky, sunshine coming through the rain and views of New Zealand as I'd imagined them! Coming into the Marlborough sounds was amazing. Moutains and hills soaring out of clear blue water, with puffs of clouds overhead. Positively poetic! Did the obligatory "picture of me posing by the railing with really very little interesting in the background". I'll spare the general public the result!

We drove on via Pelorus Bridge scenic reserve (a bridge over a stream, with rocks) and arrived at Nelson in the afternoon. My cough is out of control, so I spent a good few hours at a drugstore trying to select vast quantities of cough drops and other medicines in preparation of my full day of kayaking today!

Today I went into the Abel Tasman national park for a full day of sea kayaking along the shores. It was brilliant! Blue water, sun shining, little island with seals, made the guide show me an "eskimo roll" in the kayak! (not with me in it!) After 7 hours of paddling, I thought my arms were going to drop off!

Below are seals, split apple rock, and the guide who did the eskimo roll - pity I can't add the little film of it!

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